*) Recently recording percussion tracks with legendary Global, Ethno Dj/Producer Nickodemus of WonderWheel recording's & TurnTables On The Hudson Fame.

*) Recently recorded percussion tracks for the afrotech Dj/Producer DeepJust AquaBeat

*) Recently finished recording for the worldbeat, alternative rock band “Stones In Pockets”. The album is called “Intercom”. Very cool music recorded and engineered by legendary producer Godfrey Diamond!

*) Recently Recorded percussion for the dance music afro jazz, electronic duo 'Muscle Cars"

My progressive worldbeat trio!
We can not wait to perform and share our music to you all! We are gearing up to head into the Koop recording studio, to do a 5 song live demo ep, and release promo videos as well. Stay tuned!

Recording studio to lay down percussion tracks on your music. been a long time dream of mine to offer this. Still working on it, but stay tuned!

Jimmy Lopez playing percussion on the debut album by WALK TALK. Great R&B/Soul, Worldbeat, Afro Funk, Electro music, By Maytana Morales & David Bailis.

* Holland Drum Company, Muffintop drum series

* J. King Percussion

* Masterwork Cymbals


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