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Very grateful for many years collaborating with Dj's, dance music producers, turntablelists, & controllerists.

"A masterful artist who truly becomes one with whatever the Dj plays, and collaborates on the highest level"!

According to Dj’s, laptopists, and control manipulaters, #JimmyLopezPercussionist is the only tag you will ever need for a hip-swaying, soul-stirring, love fest of music. His rhythm is matched only by the energy in the crowd- which is a direct result of his intense skill. Jimmy reads the room well, has extensive knowledge of every song and plays to every note necessary to impart a richly wonderful experience to the audience on any dance music occasion collaborating with DJ's

as a musician working with many of the worlds top Dj's, Jimmy Lopez has have held, and continues to hold many night club residencies.

With an uncanny ear for the genre, he truly plays as if he is a part of the records played by Dj,s and is considered a true extension of the music!

The music is vast and depends on the Dj's I'm performing with, as it ranges from, but not limited too, world music, reggeaton, various genres of house music, hip hop, global bass, jungle music, various mash up music, global chill, merengue, bachata, tropical, and others.

"Rhythmic Salvation"

Wedding performance promo video, click link below:

Night club performance with Dj Mirto Joyce, Of ARE YOU AFRO? click link below:

Dj CloakDagger with Jimmy Lopez, and Marc Rizzo of (Soulfly) PT1. Click link below:

Dj ClockDagger with Jimmy Lopez and Marc Rizzo of (Soulfly) PT2. Click link below:

DJ Joeski Featuring Jimmy Lopez on percussion! Click link below:


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