Acoustic, Progressive, Ethno-Groove Music!

A uniquely forward thinking, global-ethno themed music, with a beautiful mix of melodies, grooves, dark contrasts, with sections changes, and tempo changes, while keeping the simple, but yet complex!

For Kultura, I set out to create a band to play music that I wanted to hear from a world-beat band that does not yet, until I did it! I set to mix in all the grooves, riffs, melodies, and sounds I consistently hear in my head, and put them together in a very stylized way, that allows me to not only showcase my style of playing percussion, but also showcase my composing, and arranging skills as well.

In Kultura, I am currently fusing my love of ethnic percussion, with my love of drumset together simultaneously, with custom drums made for me by the drum building duo of Scott Holland & Tim Lindsey of the “Holland Drum Company”, in which I am able to apply creative grooves, patterns and textures to my playing, my compositions, and for other collaborations with other artists as well. 

Another great aspect to this band is working with both Vita & Adam, who also bring in musical ideas to mix with mine, and together we are really finding our sound and vibes immediately! Kultura is definitely a great immediate meeting of minds...  We definitely understand where each other is coming from musically and we knew we could find a way to put all our influences together and make the music work.

The inspiration for our music comes from my love of World_Music, World_Beat, Ethno_Jazz, Heavy_Metal, Folk, Latin, New_Age, and even Soul & R&B!

Kultura is:
Jimmy Lopez: Percussions, vocals.

Vita: Acoustic Guitar. 

Adam Bain: Fretless Bass. 

*Plus special guests ranging from vocalists, to other instrumentalists. 

We can not wait to perform and share our music to you all!